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Winchester Historic Preservation Commission

If your building or business is within the City’s Historic District Overlay (HDO), you will need to contact the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) any time you make changes to the exterior of your building.  Things like fresh paint, signs, and awnings, as well as more significant architectural changes, must be approved by the HPC before work begins. The HDO’s goal is to manage change in the historic commercial district, in order to promote the preservation of downtown’s authenticity and remarkable historic architecture.

Street Closures

We love seeing the community come together! Many organizations choose to hold community events like car shows, block parties, or charity walks. We’d love to add your event to the schedule! Street closures require approval from City Commission after you’ve discussed details with the Chief of Police. You will need: a completed application, a map of the event area, a certificate of liability insurance.Here’s how:

  1. Fill Out the Application
  2. Return the completed application to the Winchester Police Department at least 30 days prior to your event.
  3. Schedule an appointment with the Chief of Police to discuss details of the event.